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Family Questions

Q. What is Assisted Living?

A. An Assisted Living Residence is defined by the Assisted Living Federation as a special combination of housing, personalized supportive services and health care designed to meet the needs both scheduled and unscheduled of those who need help with activities of daily living (ADL's). These include bathing, monitoring medications. 

Q. When is Assisted Living appropriate?
A. Assisted Living is appropriate when an adult is having difficulty preparing balanced meals, maintaining his or her household or remembering to take medication. These individuals could maintain much of their independence
and dignity if support services were provided in a well designed, attractive and properly staffed community setting. 

Q. Why not a Nursing Home?
A. A nursing home provides more intensive medical/nursing services for individuals with acute medical requirements. Many adults' needs can be met in Assisted Living communities that provide quality, affordable, comforting independent and dignified environment like Angel Gardens Assisted Living. 

Q. What types of personal services are provided?
A. Onsite Personal Care can be provided by a company of your choice. One such company onsite is AmeriCare, L.L.C. We encourage our residents to maintain as much independence as possible. However, included in their basic services package, AmeriCare will provide our residents with assistance in dressing, bathing and personal hygiene. They also administer medications and regularly monitor blood pressure, pulse and weight. We serve 3 nutritious meals daily in our community dining room. Housekeeping, laundry and linen services are provided weekly. All at no additional charges. For more details on personal services please speak with an AmeriCare Representative. 

Q. How do I know if I qualify for Assisted Living? 
A. We have a very qualified staff that will determine if you qualify for the service that Angel Gardens Assisted Living has to offer. Once your placement is determined, we, in association with the care company, and the primary
caregivers of the resident, will put together a service plan designed just for your needs. We will also coordinate with your physicians and the care company to see that all of your specific care needs and wants are met. 

Q. Are there organized social and recreational activities? 
A. Angel Gardens Assisted Living has rich social and activities calendar. Our residents are encouraged to participate in or many daily activity choices. Bingo is a favorite and is played several times a week. We also have
Current Events, a seated exercise program, Arts and Crafts and a multitude of other events taking place throughout the day. There is a full time Activities Director and an assistant on staff to see that our residents stay active both physically and mentally active.


Q. Is Respite Care available? 

A. Angel Gardens Assisted Living has a very nice and affordable respite program. Your stay can be as short as 1 night or up to a month long. The pricing varies and will be determined at the time of interest. Most stays are
at the $100.00 per day rate. You could be staying in a semi private or a large private room with a 1/2 bath and large closet. You stay includes all of the basic care package - with care and personal services provided by AmeriCare.

This includes 3 meals per day, activities, assistance with all activities of daily living, medication management, housekeeping, laundry and services. We can also accommodate for special care as needed.


Q. Does Angel Gardens Assisted Living have Day Care services available?

A. Yes, we have a very nice Adult Day Care program designed to assist in the care of your loved one if you are the caregiver and need a break. We offer a full range of daily activities as well as up to 3 meals served daily. Our
pricing can be discussed at the time of interest, since each person as individual needs.